Transform your SPARE room into a FLAIR room with these 5 ideas

Most of us have unused rooms in our homes that serve very little purpose and often get overlooked – we call them spare rooms. Rather than leaving your spare room to collect dust and cramming them with unwanted items, why not reimagine them and give them a new purpose?

Whether you want to turn your spare room into a fun space for the kids, a relaxing spot for unwinding or a practical area for enhancing productivity, we have many ideas for turning your spare room into a flair room that you’ll love. Read on to find out.

Level up with a games room

You might already play games in several areas of your house, be it on a video games console in the bedroom or a family board game at the dining table – but, be honest, wouldn’t it be easier to have a room dedicated to gaming?

You could either design a captivating room for yourself and the kids to maximise their video gaming experience, with monitors, projector screen, gaming chairs and quirky figurines – or, you could create a family games room, dedicated to making family games nights even more epic. With a bespoke interior design plan, you can set aside plenty of space for the perfect game of Twister.

Get to work with a home office

Many companies now give their employees the option of working from home because it has been shown to be productive during the coronavirus pandemic, so a home office design service could be handy. Create a comfortable office space in your spare room by furnishing it with a stunning desk, a comfy chair, and work cabinets in a complementary colour.

Home gym

Even though gym equipment can be pricey, setting up a home gym is a fantastic idea to help you stay motivated and fit – plus, gym memberships are getting more expensive. You could go all out and invest in a treadmill, bike, and bench-mounted free weights. Alternatively, you could just set up some mats and resistance bands to provide a relaxed atmosphere for anything from meditative yoga to a challenging workout.

Cinema room

You’d be lying if you said you don’t love a movie night or a lazy evening bingeing Netflix. You should by all means consider creating a captivating, small cinema room if you’re a film fanatic. A huge TV or projector screen can be used to enhance the viewing experience and set the ambience, along with a cosy corner sofa, plush chairs or even some bean bags. Don’t forget a space for snacks!

How about a pet room?

Imagine how happy your furry, four-legged friends would be to discover that you’ve provided them with their own hideaway where you can both relax and play. Cover the space with your pet’s favourite toys and items, and don’t forget to decorate it with pet-inspired decorations and furniture to let them know it’s their room. Playtime will never be the same!