Traditional Bathroom vs Wet Room: Which one is best?

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, you might have come across the wet room. A modern development, the wet room is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK.

But which is best? Here, the team at James Cornwell Interiors has put together the benefits of the traditional bathroom vs the wet room, so you can make the informed decision as to which one is right for you.

How is a wet room different to a traditional bathroom?

A wet room is, as you can imagine, what it says on the tin. Wet rooms are designed with no barriers separating the different areas of the room, with no shower door, curtain, or splash panel, so you are able to wash without obstruction.

This means that, conceivably, water can leave the shower area and spread throughout the room. However, wet rooms usually have a slight gradient to encourage water towards a drain, and the full room is fully waterproofed, so this is no reason for concern.

Wet rooms contain the same elements as a traditional bathroom – a toilet, sink, cabinets etc – but allows you to make the most of your space, as you don’t need to attempt to fit in bulky shower or bath units.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

The most obvious benefit, after mentioning the lack of barriers between each section of the bathroom, is that wet rooms are a fantastic accessible bathroom solution. For the less able bodied, a wet room can be a revolutionary addition to your home, allowing you to regain a degree of independence in everyday life.

In most cases, there are no curbs or raised door track to navigate, as everything in on one borderless level. This allows for a great flexibility of design, layout, and movement.

Additionally, at James Cornwell Interiors, we will work with your requirements and specifications to design a bespoke solution to you. Thus, if you need a turning circle with specific measurements, or additional support, we can build this into your wet room design.

A wet room also has a completely modern and hotel-like feel to it, letting you bathe in luxury every time you head for a shower.

What are the benefits of a traditional bathroom?

Who doesn’t love a simple free-standing bathtub? Large and luxurious tubs are great for relaxing after a long day. Though most people do tend to shower nowadays, it is always good to have the option.

Plus, not everyone wants to have to dry the floor of the whole room after taking a shower. With a traditional bathroom, your shower stall will be enclosed, stopping the water spreading throughout the bathroom.

Which is best?

As you can see, both wet rooms and traditional bathrooms add functionality to the home and carry different benefits. As both types of bathroom can have different styles, designs and layouts, it comes down to your personal priorities and preferences.

To discuss the design of your bathroom renovation, be it traditional or wet room, get in touch to seek the advice of our expert interior designers in Newcastle, County Durham and across the North East.