2023 Interior Design Trends for Your Home

We are all looking forward to a fresh start in 2023. The New Year is also the perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your home. Here are some predicted interior design trends for 2023 that you can use for some abode inspiration. 

Naturally inspired

We know that being in nature can have a tremendously positive impact on our wellbeing. To evoke these feelings at home, there is likely to be a trend towards home interiors that have been inspired by the natural world.

This will manifest in homes through people choosing colour schemes found in nature such as earth tones or hues inspired by forests, oceans and even sunsets. 

Another interpretation of the trend is choosing furniture and accessories that have clearly been made with organic materials. For example, cork, terracotta ceramics and wicker furniture are likely to be popular options for anyone wanting to revamp their space. 

You could even work the trend into your home by simply investing in some house plants. 

Retro influences

There seems to be a collective feeling of nostalgia these days. Some people are leaning into the feeling at home by mixing old and new home furnishings together. Meanwhile, others are instead incorporating the trend by choosing modern furnishings which are influenced by iconic designs of the past. 

As well as nostalgia, this trend is driven by the increased popularity of the mid century modern and 70s inspired aesthetics. 

Pops of colour

In recent years, neutral hues have reigned supreme. Although it is unlikely that we will see people completely ditching these soothing neutrals in 2023, it looks like colour will start making a comeback. 

In recent months, there has been an increase in people wanting to inject more of their personality into their home. This is thanks to trends like maximalist interiors and ‘dopamine’ decor becoming more mainstream. 

One of the easiest ways of adding a personal touch to your home is adding pops of your favourite colours. This can be achieved by adding a bold accent wall or simply with the addition of a few bright accessories. 

Lighting that makes a statement

Gone are the days of discrete spotlights you can barely notice!

Whether it’s a statement lamp, a neon sign or artistic light fittings on the ceilings and walls, lighting is going to be big in 2023. 

Traditionally, light fixtures and lamps have been used to set the mood of a room but they are becoming more of a focal point. If you want to add some character to your space while keeping it functional, consider incorporating a well designed light installation. 

Hopefully this list of trends has given you some ideas about how you can make sure your home is bang on trend in 2023. 

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