FALL in love with your home again: 6 enchanting autumn home decor ideas

Autumn is finally here – and with dark nights looming, there’s no better time to sit back, get snug and chill by the fireplace. Since you’ll be spending a lot more time lounging around your home, you’ll want it to look as well as feel nice and cosy inside. 

So – why not make your home even more charming for the impending cold and darker months that lie ahead and take advantage of these 6 enchanting home decor ideas? Read on for some inspiration.

Add warmth and comfort with blankets

You’ll need to think more about staying warm and cosy as days gradually get shorter and the nights get colder. What better way to add some warmth and cosiness to your home than by throwing in some soft blankets and piling up some cushions in your living room? 

Blankets look homely, feel snuggly and can complement other aspects of your interior design. Knitted blankets are warming – whether you place them on sofas, chairs, or your bed.

Spruce up with seasonal décor

Is it even autumn without a single pumpkin on display in your home? Not all pumpkins have to be spooky or even bold and bright like the ones in supermarkets. Make a statement piece by carving out a pumpkin and using it as a vase or candle pot. Place miniature gourds on your dining table for an enchanting kitchen aesthetic and a more understated approach to decorating with pumpkins.

Earthy and autumnal tones

Colour is key – it can set the tone and alter the ambience of a place. You can bring the outdoors in by incorporating autumnal colours in your home – warmer, earthy shades make your home look more inviting and ramp up the cosiness of the place. Take inspiration from the charming colours of autumn leaves that flood the floors of our streets: browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. Neutral-coloured tiles look fantastic in bathroom design, offering a warm look.

Wooden furniture adds warmth

Wood is pleasing in home design since it has a timeless appeal and a natural warmth to it. You might think about adding subtle touches with new furniture or decorations, or you could go all out and employ some exposed wood wall panelling, which appears both opulent and cosy in your home. 

Bring the autumnal outdoors in

While we associate autumn with being cosy at home, we also deeply associate it with the wonderful outdoors. The invigorating beauty of autumn’s nature can be brought indoors by hanging an autumnal wreath, displaying flowers, and scattering gourds around your home. You could even embrace outdoor scents with apples and spices.

Layer some fabrics

The secret to creating a truly inviting home is to layer fabrics, whether it’s cushions and blankets on a sofa or laying a plush rug in the living room. Look for different textures that boast comfort and add warmth to your space. Soft fabrics, velvety textures, thick cotton, knitted materials and sumptuous fabrics can be layered on your floors and furniture for an added sense of warmth.