From little to large: 5 clever ways to make a room look larger

It can often be challenging to find room for stuff in your home if it’s small or has limited space. If you ever feel cramped in your own home, rest assured that it’s a common situation. Having limited space can make your home look untidy and limit your productivity, so making it at least look larger can be a huge help. 

There remain a number of ways to aesthetically open up a room by increasing its perceptible depth and more. We’ll explore 5 interior design tips to help achieve this.

Let there be light – natural light, that is

Nothing can enlarge your room like a flood of natural light streaming through your large and spacious windows. Lighting is the key to making a space look bigger than it is – so making the most of natural light is essential. Therefore, it is essential to remove any extraneous solid barriers, such as curtain walls or tall cabinets to prevent them from blocking the flow of natural light. With natural light, you also need to consider window coverings like blinds which provide better light depth than curtains.

Mirror, mirror, hang them all

Mirrors have long been used to create the appearance of added depth and space in homes and living rooms. Light, especially natural light, works wonders when there are plenty of mirrors in your home. Mirrors can be positioned in front of windows to reflect light throughout the room. This will make the smallest of spaces look larger and more full of life.

Clear the clutter

This tip won’t only make a room look bigger, but it will also create more space. It’s simple, the fewer items there are in a room, the bigger it will look. Removing one piece of furniture or something as small as a stool can make all the difference. Any clutter that is scattered around your room should be organised to create extra space. Try using shelving, cabinets and hidden storage to accomplish this. Decluttering is especially important in the kitchen.

Rearrange your furniture

More often than we think, furniture can be a visual obstruction to space. Even the simplest furniture arrangements could have a big impact on how big a room looks. Open doors and move heavy furniture such as sofas or chairs out of the way of windows so that light can enter your space unobstructed. Also, try to keep furniture against the parameters of your room.

Apply some white or light paint to your walls

Your walls may be contributing to the impression of a small space if they are dark since darker colours can prevent light from reflecting. If you paint your walls in lighter colours, they will reflect light, giving the impression that they are further away than they really are. White, as well as grey, yellow, and cream, are among the light colours that could be particularly effective when painted on your walls.