Traditional or Modern: Which kitchen is best suited for your property?

On average, 42.6% of Brits cook every day for their family. In fact, it is estimated that we spend three years of our lives in the kitchen. Seeing as we spend so much time in there, maybe it’s time you thought about receiving an upgrade from James Cornwell Interiors? When you look for interior designers in Newcastle and find us, in nearby County Durham, you may then ask yourself what style is best for your kitchen: traditional or modern?

Here is the complete guide to choosing what kitchen is best suited for your property.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens are usually categorised on their use of natural materials, such as wood. When a kitchen is more traditional, you might find that the floor and walls have a more natural feel to them too. Sometimes this wood can be painted to appear aged or ‘shabby chic’.

You might think that traditional kitchens only work in older houses with the features such as wooden beams and moulded plaster, but that’s not always the case. Raised panel cabinets and crown moulding can bring a traditional charm into even the most modern of homes.

Modern Kitchen

On the other hand, modern kitchens offer streamlined and minimalist styling. These kitchens are often more open and have clean lines, using more industrial materials and integrating functionality. Modern kitchens can also include more luxurious natural materials such as marble and granite.

With functionality and usability in mind during the design process, modern kitchens can utilise your available space. This means that modern kitchens can maximise your storage space if you have a small kitchen, or they can become huge and open plan- it’s all down to you.

Transitional Kitchen

If you are stuck between the two, there is a type of kitchen called the transitional kitchen. This sort of kitchen basically has the best of both worlds, combining elements of the traditional and the modern.

Transitional kitchens often have geometric, clean and practical lines, as well as all the crafted elements such as crown moulding. They also tend to use a more natural or ‘earth toned’ colour palette, making it the perfect balance between the old and the new.

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Overall, there is no right or wrong answer for which kind of kitchen you choose. It is all down to your personal preference and the requirements of your family. When your kitchen is such a well-used room, you know that it needs to be personal to you and your own tastes.

And, you don’t have to select just one style. Why settle for only modern or just traditional when you could have both? Let your imagination run wild and go for it! Don’t forget that James Cornwell Interiors is on hand to assist you every step of the way. To call on our expert help, simply dial 01207 284548.