5 design ideas to make your kitchen more productive

Kitchens are at the heart of every home. Where we cook, eat, clean and socialise: the kitchen is the most important space in every home and where productivity and socialisation take centre stage. When planning your new kitchen, there are several factors to consider. Once you’ve chosen a design style, you need to consider functionality. Being productive in the kitchen is important and that falls down to the functionality of your space.

So, with that in mind, here are some design tips and ideas to make your kitchen more productive. 

Enhance your lighting

Lighting can have a bigger impact on your mood and productivity than you may think. From changing the positioning of your lighting to altering the brightness, colour and intensity, your lighting can be key to your productivity in the kitchen. If your kitchen is dark and dingy, you may have a less clear view of your cooking equipment, package labels and your surroundings. You will be more productive with your cooking in the kitchen if you improve your lighting as it will allow you to see your ingredients and cooking equipment more clearly.

Create a prepping area

Creating and installing a functional meal prep area in your kitchen would be useful, since prepping is where your cooking workflow begins, and having a distinct prepping area would make the rest of the cooking process easier. This would make you more productive in cooking, especially if you are prepping meals for a large family.

Maximise your space

Think about the size of your kitchen and how you can make the most of the space you have. For instance, if you have a fairly small kitchen, consider having fewer fittings that might take up valuable space and utilise wall space to store cutlery, pans and jars on shelves. In a larger room, you might have a central island with plenty of space surrounding it. 

Personalise your decor

Everyone requires little motivation to be productive. A plain and basic environment might leave a lot of room for improvement, and it could even stifle your productivity. Instead, make your kitchen your own with decor and things that represent your personality and inspirational images of your loved ones.

Clear the clutter 

Cluttered and disorganised worktops can reduce productivity by getting in the way of preparing and cooking food and, as a result, increasing our stress levels when working in the kitchen. When you’re cooking for a large group, such as a family, it goes without saying that you’ll need plenty of workspace and everything to be organised. Clutter can be very distracting so clear it and organise everything in your kitchen by storing them on shelves, in cupboards or in other storage areas.