The ultimate guide to decorating a Christmas tree in your home like a professional

Christmas is just around the corner – and now December has rolled around, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to put up the Christmas tree! No amount of excitement can live up to the joy one gets when decorating the staple of Christmas itself: the Christmas tree. 

In reality, however, styling your Christmas tree is always easier said than done for some. When done right, a well-decorated Christmas can maximise your home’s festivity and interior design.

When decorating your tree – there are several possibilities and themes to opt for. Here’s our guide to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional

Choose your tree, then locate or build it

The biggest Christmas decision of all is, without a doubt, deciding between a real or artificial tree. Real trees give off a more traditional, authentic aesthetic and are fun to shop for, while artificial trees are a long-term investment with endless beauty. Place your tree neatly in a suitable corner of your living room and avoid putting it against a clashing wallpaper. You’re one step closer to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional.

Fluff and spread out the branches

If you’ve picked out the most perfect tree from a Christmas tree farm – or a supermarket – your tree’s branches may need spreading out slightly if they’ve been wrapped in a plastic net for convenience. The same goes for artificial trees which have bendy branches that can be easily moulded to perfection. 

Working your way up from the bottom, carefully straighten each branch tip and ensure no branches are intertwined – doing so will give off a more natural, picture-perfect look.

Design your tree around a theme

Just like your kitchen and bathroom interior design, Christmas trees need a theme – you can’t just throw a random mix of coloured baubles on and hope for the best. Many people go for a different theme each year or match their tree theme with the theme of their room. 

If you’re seeking a professional-looking tree – one you might see in the movies – a theme is key. Classic combinations include white and red, white and blue, and silver and gold. Blue and white baubles convey a wintry aesthetic whereas red and gold decor boasts a more warm, festive feel. 

Lights before baubles and everything else

Rule number one of tree decorating: lights go first. Once your lights are on, you can spend as much time as you wish perfectly placing baubles on your tree. Make sure your fairy lights are long enough to wrap around your tree from top to bottom. Don’t forget to drape your lights near the tree’s trunk. You want the entire tree to look lit and sparkly – not just the edges. 

Finishing touches to top it off

After baubles and ornaments have been scattered around your tree – add some final touches. This could entail adding a statement piece or a personal ornament – or even putting a star on the top of the tree.

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