Simple yet effective ways to use books as striking décor in your home

Books have a purpose beyond the obvious. Yes, books should be opened and read, but they also make for fantastic décor in your home or office! Here at James Cornwell Interiors, we’re all about getting creative and jumping ahead of the trends. Stick with us as we explore some quirky décor tips involving books.

The number of books sold in the United Kingdom reached more than 212 million in 2021, the highest on record since 2012.  The demand for books is quite clearly increasing, and there has been no better time than right now to start getting creative with how you display your books. Here are some simple yet effective ways to get you started…

Dedicate a whole wall to your books

Impress your family and guests by dedicating a whole wall to your books. This looks most stylish in a living room or office, but really you can utilise this décor in whichever room you want! The idea is to have the entire wall – from ceiling to floor – with rows and rows of books on shelves. This doesn’t have to be a costly décor choice, either. The books can be obtained from charity shops!

Create a book tower

It might sound too good to be true, but a stack of books is a simple yet powerful way to add some quirk to your décor, and it doesn’t need a lot of time or money dedicated to it! Round up all the books you have and stack them in a pile, experimenting with height and angles. Book towers can sit under tables, on top of tables, or even on the floor, and they all look equally as great.

Use pages as wallpaper

Now this will really get people talking! If you have a book that you don’t mind tearing apart, pick an ideal feature wall in a chosen room and use the pages as wallpaper! Pick a selection that shows variations in lengths and the space between each paragraph, and line them up and down your wall. This is a simple yet creative way to establish a focal point in your room.

Turn your favourite quote into a vinyl sticker

Think about all the books you’ve read – even when you were a child. Was there a particular quote that stuck out to you? A set of words that resonate within and mean something to you? Or, maybe they just made you chuckle after a long day… Whatever your favourite quote from a book, have it turned into a vinyl sticker and stuck to the wall. Another really simple way to use books as striking décor.

Create a coffee table display

Are the above ideas a little bit ‘too’ quirky for you? Or maybe you simply don’t have enough books? You don’t have to take it too far… If you’re still looking for a way to use books as striking décor, take a few and create a coffee table display for guests and friends to marvel at. Only two or three is needed and you’ll find you still have eye catching décor that demonstrates your love of books and reading.