Family bathroom ideas: Plan your dream space for the family

Are you looking to create a dream bathroom that satisfies and facilitates your family? When designing a family bathroom, as well as considering the size and structure of the space, you must also think about how it will accommodate each person within your family. Your family bathroom must be accessible and functional, but both tidy and relaxing at the same time. 

With that in mind, here are some clever and creative ideas for your next family bathroom renovation.

Future-proof your bathroom

A bathroom renovation can be costly and time consuming, so it’s crucial that you plan a space that is built to last. Therefore, it is wise to keep in mind that on top of considering who will be using the bathroom now, think about who’ll be using it in the future so you can future-proof your design decisions. For instance, you may currently have young children in the family who will grow up and require a more ‘grown-up’ bathroom within the next ten years.

Make use of all space

You want to use all of the available space in your bathroom without creating clutter. Sure, your bathroom must facilitate your entire family, but that’s not to say your space can’t look remarkable and organised. Make use of wall space by placing storage solutions on walls and placing your toilet and sink in corners or against walls.

Install a shower bath: the best of both

We assume your family bathroom might have to accommodate children; younger children tend to get washed in the bath before they can take a soak in the shower at an older age. As a parent, you may fancy a plunge in the bath to detox from a stressful day with a glass of fizz from time to time, though you may also fancy a shower to quickly rinse off in times of rush. Shower baths are the ideal solution for families since they provide the perfect combination of both fixtures if you are unsure whether to fit a bath or shower.

Fit fancy wall storage units

A family bathroom can never have too much storage space, so a useful but stylish storage unit installed on your walls might offer some extra storage, while also creating extra space and providing a sense of refinement and modern appeal.

Bring your bathroom to life

Shades of grey and neutral hues make up a contemporary style bathroom, but opting for vibrant and bright coloured decor and items could give your bathroom a lease of life and personal touch that can make your family bathroom unique. Buy some colourful but practical bathroom accessories to make your bathroom functional for everybody and allow it to boast some style and elegance – you can never go wrong with a rubber duck!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Choose a stylish but sizeable mirror you can hang on a bare wall and hang or place it in a location where everyone can access to see their face. Full body mirrors are even better if you can get your hands on one of those!