Why having a good home office space is vital for motivation

If you are one of the many, many people who have found themselves working from home permanently since the first lockdown, you’ve probably realised the importance of having an adequate, peaceful and stylish space to work in. 

Regardless of whether you love working from home, or it’s still taking some time getting used to, many people have found it increasingly difficult to stay motivated. In fact, the Martec Group study found that only 24 percent of employees felt like their stress levels improved working from home, and 42 percent reported increased stress levels. 

So, what’s the secret? A good home office space from James Cornwell Interiors, of course… Let’s look at why having a good home office space is vital for motivation. 

Separate work life from home life 

It can be easy for the lines to blur when you’re working in the same place that you, well, live in. In order to live a healthy personal life and do well in terms of business, it’s fundamental that you separate work life from home life. 

A dedicated space within your home is the ideal way to make this happen – it’s no good putting your laptop on the dining table and hoping you’ll get on fine that way! Instead, convert a spare bedroom into your new office, or, if your home doesn’t have the space, create a specific corner within another room. The idea is, at the end of the day, you switch off your computer and leave that dedicated space behind so that you can relax and unwind properly. 

It can impact efficiency  

Organisation is key when it comes to efficiency, and a good home office space plays a huge role here. Disorganisation can make a simple task take hours, and, if your job requires pace and precision 95% of the time, you’ll know that you can’t afford to waste even a minute. 

A clutter-free and stylish office space can increase your productivity and help you stay motivated throughout the working day. Create an area that you enjoy spending 8 hours a day in, and include vital pieces of equipment like a filing cabinet to keep documents organised and good lighting to help you feel energised. 

Call in the experts for unrivalled help 

Imagine your perfect home office space… and then give James Cornwell Interiors a call. We will listen closely to exactly what it is that you need to thrive in your business, before designing and creating the ideal space to help make it happen. 

Our specialist team have many years of knowledge and vast experience in office interior design, and we will work quickly and skilfully to ensure that we don’t waste any of your valuable time. Maximise productivity and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home with our expert team. 

We will create a home study space that’s tailored to your individual lifestyle, budget and storage requirements. When working from home, organisation and the ability to maintain focus is fundamental, and we will deliver this with ease.