5 loft conversion ideas you might not have thought of yet

If you’re lucky enough to own a house that has a loft space, you need to ensure that you’re making the most of it – and not just using it to store old photo albums and Christmas decorations. If you’re guilty of the latter, you could be missing a huge opportunity to enjoy a happier home with an increased value. 

A recent study by Nationwide found that adding an extra double bedroom and ensuite to a three-bedroom house via an extension or loft conversion increased its value by more than 20 per cent. That being said, however, feel free to steer away from the conventional ideas and enjoy a converted loft space more suitable to your own tastes and needs.  

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Games room 

Have you always dreamed of having an area in your home entirely dedicated to playing games and having fun? Why not turn you loft space into exactly that. Think comfy chairs, a gaming console, a mini fridge for ice cold beers (or cans of pop, if the room is for the children).  

Home spa  

A spa is the ideal place to go after you’ve finished a long day at work, and one could reside in your very own home! It’s not hard to see why there are an estimated 6 million visits per annum to spas throughout Britain – relaxing and pampering yourself is key to a happy and healthy life. Convert your loft and add a massage bed, face steamer, body care products, and anything else you think will help you unwind.  


Since the covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have found themselves with no option but to work from home – either temporarily or permanently. If you’re one of these people, you might be desperate for an office space that will help you separate your work life from your home life, stay motivated, and increase productivity.  


Never again will you feel as though you can’t be bothered to ‘go’ to the gym, because the gym is only in your loft! Once the space has been converted, implement some motivating décor, add some gym equipment such as a treadmill and weights bench, and away you go. If your goal is to lose weight or get fitter, this is the perfect idea for you and may even encourage family members to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Cinema room 

Don’t let the size of your loft put you off the idea of converting it into a cinema room if having one has always been a dream of yours! If the space allows, aim a projector onto the most appropriate wall and add comfy seats such as bean bags and cushions. Movie night done right for friends and family alike!