The warranty guarantees that our cabinets will be free from faults or defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years dependant on range:

The warranty only applies to;
• Cabinets manufactured by James Cornwell Interiors Limited. It does not apply to, for example, worktops, accessories or appliances. If you are unsure as to what is meant by “cabinets” please speak to a member of staff who will be able to clarify the position for you.
• This guarantee is issued to the above client(s) and is non-transferrable. to individuals who purchased the cabinets as a consumer for private use, not to businesses, companies, partnerships or sole traders.
• Cabinets used entirely within a domestic environment for personal use, not to cabinets put into and used within business premises, place of work, rental properties, student properties or similar.
• Cabinets used within the environment intended by their design, for example kitchen cabinets used within a kitchen and not kitchen cabinets used in, for example a garage.
• Items purchased by you from James Cornwell Interiors Limited which are manufactured by another manufacturer.
• Damage caused or contributed to by poor, faulty or incorrect use, installation or maintenance.
• Damage caused or contributed to by events outside James Cornwell Interiors Limited’s control including but not limited to Acts of God, fire, explosion, contact with corrosive matter, extreme weather conditions, flood, vandalism, soiling, misuse, abrasion, improper storage following delivery, rot and/or infestation following delivery, leaks (or similar incidents), damage due to non-domestic use.
• Damage or colour deterioration caused or contributed to because of normal wear and tear.
• Damage caused or contributed to by alterations or repairs other than those carried out by James Cornwell Interiors Limited.
• Damage caused or contributed to by wilful damage, abuse, mistreatment, negligence, abnormal storage or environmental conditions.
• damage caused or contributed to by household animals and misuse by children.
• Should you wish to make a claim under the guarantee, you must notify in writing to James Cornwell Interiors Limited, Church Hall, Fawcett Hill Terrace, Craghead DH9 6EZ.
• James Cornwell Interiors Limited will then investigate the claim under the warranty service and deem the defect fault covered in the warranty will require, repair, replaced or refunded.
• Failure to allow a representative of James Cornwell Interiors limited inspect the defected cabinet could result in your claim under the warranty service to be invalidated.
• We reserve the right to alter product features or adjust specifications at any time.
• If a product is no longer available, we will supply the nearest equivalent.
• Delivery or Installation of any repaired or replacement goods will not be James Cornwell Interiors responsibility.

Other warranty services
• guidelines are listed on a separate page to the warranty terms set out above.
• James Cornwell Interiors Limited are unable to tamper or try to fix goods not covered by its warranty e.g. appliances, taps. In doing this it may invalidate your warranty service with the manufacture of the product.
• Appliances, fixtures and fittings and Granite worktops must be registered with the manufacturer to validate their warranty.
• James Cornwell Interiors Limited cannot be held responsible for failure to register goods manufactured with a separate company.
• If the purchaser is unsure of a product’s manufacturer warranty length please speak to a member of staff and they will assist you.This warranty is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with it or its subject matter, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. James Cornwell Interiors Limited is a company registered in England under company number 04375449 and with our registered office.

Important Data Protection Information.

Any information and data provided by the purchaser to the Company and used by the Company directly or indirectly in the performance of this Warranty shall remain at all times the property of the purchaser. It shall be identified, clearly marked and recorded as such by the Company on all media and in all documentation.

Guidance of Warranty Service Periods from Separate Manufactures.

Ten-year Guarantee
• Overall Installation Workmanship
• Wine racks
• *Cornice
• *Pelmets
• *Plinth
• Miscellaneous Accessories

One-year Installation Guarantee Electrical
• Electric fixtures and fittings (e.g. sockets, switches)
• Lighting
• Wirework

Five-year Guarantee Electrical
• Electrical hard wiring

Manufacturing Guarantee Six years subject to Manufacture
• Doors
• Draw fronts
• Shelving end panels
• Drawer runners
• Handles

By Separate Arrangement – Manufacturing Warranty
• Appliances
• Granite worktops
• Sinks
• Sanitary wear (e.g. toilet, bidet, baths, shower trays)
• Shower fixtures & fittings
• Taps
• Waste disposal units
• Pumps
• Tiles/Floor coverings
• Lighting

Not Extended To:
• Any damage caused by improper or negligent use.
• Failure to maintain the kitchen in accordance with the care instructions supplied.
• Accidental damage.
• Normal wear and tear
• Colour changes arising from smoke or other environmental factors.
• Products sold or fitted outside the United Kingdom.
• Products such as appliances, which are covered by their own manufacturer’s guarantee.
• Consequential loss (but not limited to) the replacement of any other household fixtures, fittings or furniture arising from any claim.
• Disposable or consumable items including (but not limited to) light bulbs, filters.

The guide is subject to Manufactures and is for guidance only. If you are unsure of how long your warranty period is, a member of James Cornwell Interiors Limited can assist you. Most manufactures require proof of purchase when making a claim under their warranty service or registering a product for its warranty. Your contract from James Cornwell Interiors Limited is your proof of purchase.


We work to the highest standards and as a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, all our works are guaranteed.

We work with some of the best contractors in the North East.

We are also a designated retailer for some of the well-known brands for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms as well as Flooring and Appliances.

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